The pram itself is exactly the same. The difference comes from the car seats included in the bundle.
The All in One includes our Galaxy car seat and isofix base. This is one of our most popular car seats and is sold with majority of travel systems.
The Galaxy car seat is tested to R44 testing standards meaning it is not an I-size model. In short, this means it is tested to weight of little one. It can be used to 13kg which is around 1 years old.

The I-size bundle comes with our Stratus car seat which is one of our newest models. This is tested to R129 testing standards and is an I-size car seat meaning is is tested using height of baby. This can be used until baby is 87cm which is around 15 months. As you can see, this means the car seat can be used for a little longer before needing to move onto a bigger car seat.

Of course with both of these car seats, the age is only a guideline as all little ones are different and grow at different rates. It is important to follow the weight/height advice rather than age.