The Zira Pushchair comes with the Harness already installed in the Carrycot mode. Should you wish to remove this from the Carrycot mode then please follow these steps. 

First, remove the Seat Frame from the Chassis, as this will allow you more access to the Harness attachments. 

When you flip the Carrycot over, towards the middle of the Carrycot you should find a Velcro fastening. When this is opened, you should be able to see the wooden base boards that are part of the Carrycot. 

Lifting the Carrycot Fabric, carefully slide your hand under the Carrycot fabric to the top of the Carrycot. (Please note, this can be a little tricky, so you may find you need to angle yourself to access this.)

You should be able to find the Harness clips at the top of the Wooden Base Board. When you have been able to reach these, carefully turn the Harness Clip sideways. 

This should allow you to feed the Harness through the Wood Base Board and through the Seat Fabric. Repeat these steps for all five Harness straps.