Firstly log into your personal Shopify account Ickle Bubba · Home · Shopify Plus ( 

It is important to note that customers will need to create an Ickle Bubba account on our website to be able to use a discount code.

On the left hand side, choose the territory the code will be used for ir. DE, UK, FR etc.

Then click on discounts which will take you to the following page where any current discount codes can be seen.

There are a few generic good will customer service discounts already created that can be used. Search these by clicking in the magnifying glass on the right just under 'create discount' and type in GW.

Simply copy the code needed and send this to the customer.

To create a new discount code click 'Create Discount' and select the option needed. We will only ever use 'amount off product' or 'amount off order'

Once your option is chosen, click this and then click generate. A unique code will then appear in the discount code box. Copy this code and you will need to send this to your customer via email.

Going down the page choose fixed amount or percentage dependant on what the discount code is for. This will usually be a Fixed amount. Enter the discount amount into the box.

The next part you will need to make any changes on will be Maximum discount uses.

Tick 'Limit number of times discount can be used' and enter 1 into the box.

Finally click 'Save Discount' on the bottom right of the page.

Your discount code is now ready for the customer to use.