Booking FedEx collections can be done using Log in ( 

Log in details:

User: Babyhoot20

Password: Hoot2020!

There are 2 separate parts to FedEx collections. The first step is creating a shipment.

This is found on the top option bar under 'Shipping'

Your page will look like the screen caption below.

The first step will be to change the 'SHIP FROM' information. This will prepopulate the business details. These need to be changed to the customers details.

When booking from a customers address, be sure to tick the box 'This is a residential address'

Next, input the business details into the 'DELIVER TO' field. These will prepopulate by searching David jones in the address book.

The package information will be where you input all box dimensions and weights. A new package will need to be added for each box. The box details can be found on DEAR.

Next the service options need to be chosen on the top right hand side of the page.

Your options should show as below. The ship date will be the date you want this returned to our warehouse (This would be the day after your collection)

When emailing the shipment labels, you can input the customers email address or your own email address to send these to the customer yourself.

Going down the right side of the page you will need to select the following option from the drop down.

The billing options will always remain as 'My account'

To finish this first step, click Finalise.

This will show your labels have been created.

It is recommended to download the PDF version of your shipment label also and save this to your laptop as a precaution should you or the customer receive the labels via email. 

Step 2.

Click back on shipping at the top of the screen and select 'Schedule & Manage Pick Ups' and login using the button under FedEx Account.

Input the customers details as per the previous step. leaving the account number the same as the prepopulated option.

In package information, click 'Schedule Fedex press pick up' - Never use the express freight option.

Fill in the full shipment details. This will be the weight of all boxes collected combined.

Shipment type - Domestic

Pick Up Date - Can only be booked for the following day

Ready time and Latest Time - Remain the same as this cannot be a smaller time frame

If the customer does not have the ability to print labels add into special instruction 'Customer unable to print labels, please print them on arrival at customers address using hand held printer'

To complete the pick up booking click Schedule pick up in the bottom right corner. Once completed a confirmation page will show and your booking is ready to go.

Don't forget to email the customer with your saved labels to ensure they are received.