On the Galaxy car seat there are three removable padded parts, the head support and the body support for babies back and bottom. There will also be a newborn wedge which can be found under the fabric.

- The newborn wedge would be the first part to be removed. This can be removed at around 4 months old to allow more room for your little one.

- At around 5 months old, the body support will be ready to be removed leaving just the head support in place.

- At 6 months old, the head rest can come out leaving no padding in the car seat.

Parents will sometimes find their little one is growing quicker than other babies and in need of more room sooner. We would advise using as much of the padding as possible until the ages stated above however should baby be able to sit and support their head sooner, you may be able to remove the padding inline with this. If you are unsure about whether now is the right time for you and your little one, please contact our team who will be happy to guide you on this.