The V3 is the oldest model of the 3, this is a very popular pram in our range.
The hood is a stretchy Lycra type material which gives it the unique shape as shown in our images.

The V4 is the next on the list and this comes with an additional newborn liner for the carrycot and a much thicker double lined hood which is more durable in the different weathers.

The Stomp Urban is a budget friendly version of our Stomp V3. This is designed with the V3 in mind but it built for city life. This means the wheels are not designed to be used on multi-terrains and handles have a shiny EVA fabric instead of our usual leatherette covers. (Please note this does not include the accessories listed below)

We then have our newest model which is the Luxe. This is a perfect mix between the V3 and V4. The luxe has the same stretchy type fabric hood as the V3 except this is made of bamboo which is much stronger and eco friendly. The wheels on the Luxe also have a new and improved material making them stronger than ever and perfect for multi terrain walks.

Other than the above listed features, the main differences are the colourways these come in, of course the Luxe has the widest colour selection and the carrycot base matches the fabric packs such as the apron and hood. This is also the case with the V4 but this does not come in as many colour options. The V3 has a black carrycot base at standard and cannot be changed for a matching colour.

All of these come with accessories such as car seat adapters, rain covers and changing bags.

If you would like any further details, please let us know and I would be more than happy to help.