1. Log into Dear, on the dashboard on the left hand side select Sale> Simple sale

2. Enter the customers name, on this example we do not have this customer on record so we will have to select the plus next to the box

When the box come's up, the following highlighted information needs to be inputted

Name: ( Enter the customers name)

Account ( 208:Customer Service Sales)

Sales representative (Select your name)

Tax rule ( 20% (VAT on Income) 

Then select Save.

Then input the customers email address and contact number.

Under reference type : W C/S TKT followed by the fresh desk ticket number

Then click the plus next to billing address as below 

Input the customers address and then press Save

Tick the tax inclusive button 

Ensure the location is Atlantic House

Then, in the Ship to contact put the customers name and use the drop down to select the shipping address.

Next in the shipping notes, write what it is you are sending the customer- include as much detail as possible.

Select the required by date, if this is not urgent set this for 3 days in advance. If that day falls onto a weekend put the following Monday.

Then Type in the Carrier/service 

In the comments, copy and paste the refrence from before 

To add an item to the order select " Add more items" 

Select the item you want 

Make sure t he price is at 0 and the quantity it correct, If they are wrong you can click into the number to change this.

Then select authorise- Allocate stock. 

If there is stock then this will be complete.

If there is not any stock this error will come up.

So then you would select Backorder

You can see the order has been created when the order button goes green like this 

You will also be given a SO number