Please check if you delivery is part of a set such as a travel system where car seat comes separate or furniture as a part of a bigger set. If it is part of a set then occasionally the items can be delivered at different times or days depending on the courier, so please check your number of parcels and any tracking details. 

If you have items missing that were expected to be in the box it's useful to take everything out and lay them out to double check, on occasions customers have found the items when doing this. 

On the rare occasion that you didn't get everything you expected our Customer Service team are here to support you and help solve any issues. To speed up this process, please have the following ready to share this us:

  • A copy of your proof of purchase.
  • A picture of the production date sticker if available.  You will find this on the rear inside leg of the chassis (frame) for the Moon, Globe, Discovery and Venus.  For the Stomp it will be on the bar above the shopping basket and for the gravity it will be under the foot rest.  This is an example of what it looks like on the Stomp:


  • You will find them on the rear of the car seat.
  • You will not need it for Furniture products 
  •  Details of the missing item 

Then please contact us on the this link where one of our team will look after you: